Friday, August 3, 2012

Surface of the Sun

I could be just a giant wimp, but I like to think people in the Southwest who tell themselves it's a dry heat so it's much more tolerable than when humid, are just nuts. It's similar to what people in the Northwest say about how the grey and rain are worth the 3 weeks of beautiful weather (it is amazing). All true, BUT it's still 99 degrees out at 10pm or you haven't seen the sun since June. Here's the thing if you feel like you have to justify why you are living somewhere it's time to move. Or stay, but stop pretending like I didn't just sweat off an entire dress size while talking on the phone last night, because I have no phone reception in my air conditioned room. Oh did I mention I am in Arizona? Well I am and it's hot out. Even at night.

So with that in mind I thought I would get myself in the mood for a lovely Friday with hotter than hell temps with a little Len, Steal my Sunshine. I like to share as well. 

Hope your Friday is a little cooler than mine and that you have a fantastic weekend.

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