Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well I have done it. I ordered a juice cleanse. With the large amount of travel I have been doing my eating habits have been all over the place. I want to get back to a more fresh and healthy base and a juice cleanse is a great way for me to get started. So I took the plunge and ordered up some fresh, raw juice.

I ended up ordering the Blueprint Cleanse, foundation level 3 day. I chose Blueprint because it has been recommend by so many blogger and online 'friends' that it seemed like the obvious choice for me. The foundation level has 6 juices that you drink throughout the day; three green juices, P.A.M. (pineapple, apple, mint. My hands down favorite), lemon cayenne and a cashew milk. All of the juices are pretty tasty, but if I had to pick one I wasn't a super fan of it would the cashew milk. This could be because I am not a fan of milk cow, goat, almond, soy, rice or whatever so that could be part of it, but the cashew milk is still totally drinkable.

Today is day two and I am feeling pretty good. I have a bit of a headache due to the caffeine withdrawal, but I can have a half cup of coffee if I really want. I can even add the cashew milk to it if I am feeling the need for a cream taste. Other than that I have plenty of energy and will be heading out for a run shortly. Overall so far so good. I don't even miss solids foods yet.

Now I just have to pack for my trip to Arizona (aka surface of the sun hot). Sounds fun yes?

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