Monday, February 4, 2013


I have been gone. Things have been busy and well my creativity has been at an all time low, not to mention that I have been more social slug than social butterfly. So I just took a little break to see how it felt and it was nice, but frankly I am ready to start talking to people I have never met before again. So, hello and here is what you missed the month of January.

  • On a flight we were standing in line to check our baggage and saw a gentleman who looked a little out of sorts for international travel, I had nothing else to do so I checked out the situation. Turns out he was being escorted on the plane by police officers. Sane people would leave it at that. I had scenarios of Lost like island survival, except that it would most likely happen over Greenland since that was our route and we would have to eat each other like in the movie Alive. Conclusion - I need to stop watching TV.
  • Then there was the time when the BF was in NL and I was in Cali and his internet went out, then two hours later mine went down as well. I figured the apocalypse was just coming a little late and that I only had a few minutes left. Cable went down too so I couldn't disprove my theory. That is until I remembered to use my phone and saw that Cox was just having issues. Conclusion - it was not the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine (even good) about it.
  • The BF showed up from his travels, got out of the shower and took out a can of Axe body spray from his toilet kit. After I stopped laughing I explained to his very confused self that only pre-teens and those in South America use body spray (at least I think, this is pure speculation). He didn't see the problem, so I had to go purchase Tom Ford (Pick any of them. They are all divine) to show him the error of his ways. Conclusion - He is not allowed to shop alone.
  • I was stupid busy at work and wore my sheep pajamas (The ones where the sheep are wearing leg warmers, scarfs and hats on it. My favorite ones ever.) until around 4pm each day, because that was when I then remembered to shower. Conclusion - Not showering until the afternoon is sooo not ok. 
  • My step mom retired and her whole demeanor seems to have changed overnight. It's amazing and I hope it's everything she wants it to be. She deserves it. Conclusion - Find out more about this retirement thing.
  • I have lost some weight and not because I am busy, but because I am watching what I am putting in my body and not being crazy about it. I have no idea if it will work forever, but so far I don't deny myself anything, as long as I have worked for it, and it seems to be working for me. Conclusion - I still have drinks of the adult nature and eat chocolate. Life is pretty good. 
So how was your first month of the year? Did you get yourself sheep pajamas?

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